I lured Lana out of her bat-cave! Day #4 of Pick-pocketing Poemsโ™ฅ


Well well well, will you look at that! She actually came out of her writing cave for this! Oh-mah-fucking-gawd!

I’ve been in fucking LOVE with Lana ever since I read Crescendo last year, and even though that it literally the only book I’d read by her, it’s still on my top books list. Still.

If you love dark, then it’d be a freaking crime to not to read her because I was literally crawling out of my skin while reading Crescendo. Read it, you’ll get it why it’s one of my favs. This little lady is like a dynamite that explodes in your bodies with her words.

Jay-fucking-zuz. Let’s get on shall we?

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