Review Policies.

About my reviews—

I am more of a temperamental reader. I read pretty fast, but it completely depends on my mood when I would start with a book, so if there is a deadline then please mention it in your message so that I can stick with it. My reviews are honest, and can sometimes turn pretty ranty, but I try to keep the cursing under check.

A little something about the kind of books I like to read:

  • I like dark romance (like I really love dark romance)- something a little gritty and a lot of questionable motives and actions. I don’t cringe, and I don’t cry. But when you say it’s dark, it needs to be dark. (For reference, I don’t consider a little bondage and whip play as dark).
  • I like obsession. Yes even the creepy kind of obsession. It gives the characters some motive, and the story some backbone. It’s an extension of the last point.
  • I love a well written love story- one where the struggle is real. Something that will make my heart race faster than the characters’.
  • I like HEA’s obviously, but I like sad endings more. If a book made me cry, you can be sure I’m going to give it a 5 star without much thinking, and I’ll mention that it made me cry. I don’t cry, so it’s a novelty.

A little something about the kind of books I don’t like:

  • Insta-love. Like I really fucking hate insta love. If you have that in your book, imma lower half a star on principle. (Just so you know, I actually do consider insta-love and insta-lust/attraction different, so no stars are gonna be lost for that.)
  • The everyone-loves-her-because-she’s-so-beautiful-and -doesn’t-know-it-and-is-so-innocent-and-pure-and-shit heroines. I don’t like those heroines even in the best books I read.
  • Abrupt HEA’s. If the book has a lot of conflict and it comes to an end suddenly because the author needed to finish it, so they made up some bullshit reason, then I can assure I’m not gonna rate it very high. That shit is annoying people!

What you can expect in my reviews:

  • Book cover and synopsis.
  • Release date.
  • My review.
  • Links to online stores (mainly amazon) and Goodreads.
  • A few teasers (pictures if provided by the author or block-quoted texts).
  • About the author.
  • Links to the author’s social media pages, including their website and GR link.
  • Links to all the books in the series if the book is a part of one.

You can contact me here.

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