Ratings & Review Policies.

the whos and whats of me and what i do

About my reviews—

I am more of a temperamental reader. I read pretty fast, but it completely depends on my mood when I would start with a book, so if there is a deadline then please mention it in your message so that I can stick with it. My reviews are honest, and can sometimes turn pretty ranty, but I try to keep the cursing under check- we shall not mention how grandly I fail at this one here, alright? I heavily lean on sarcasm and dry humor to keep the posts entertaining because no one wants to read a long-ass ode written to a book.

Genres I usually read:

I’m more inclined to reading romance, than I am to reading maybe some other genres, but this list should be a pretty accurate indication—

  • Contemporary/Dark/Fantasy/Suspense Romance
  • South/South-East/East Asian Ownvoice novels
  • LGBTQIA representation, especially Gay, Sapphic, and a-spec and Ace
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Psychological Thriller
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy Fiction
  • Poetry

A little something about the kind of books I like to read:

  • I like dark romance (like I really love dark romance)- something a little gritty and a lot of questionable motives and actions. I don’t cringe, and I don’t cry. But when you say it’s dark, it needs to be dark. (For reference, I don’t consider a little bondage and whip play as dark).
  • I like obsession. Yes even the creepy kind of obsession. It gives the characters some motive, and the story some backbone. It’s an extension of the last point.
  • I love a well written love story- one where the struggle is real. Something that will make my heart race faster than the characters’.
  • I like HEA’s obviously, but I like sad endings more. If a book made me cry, you can be sure I’m going to give it a 5 star without much thinking, and I’ll mention that it made me cry. I don’t cry, so it’s a novelty.

A little something about the kind of books I don’t like:

  • Insta-love. Like I really fucking hate insta love. If you have that in your book, imma lower half a star on principle. (Just so you know, I actually do consider insta-love and insta-lust/attraction different, so no stars are gonna be lost for that.)
  • The everyone-loves-her-because-she’s-so-beautiful-and-doesn’t-know-it-and-is-so-innocent-and-pure-and-shit heroines. I don’t like those heroines even in the best books I read.
  • Abrupt HEA’s. If the book has a lot of conflict and it comes to an end suddenly because the author needed to finish it, so they made up some bullshit reason, then I can assure I’m not gonna rate it very high. That shit is annoying people!

What you can expect in my reviews:

  • Book cover and synopsis.
  • Release date.
  • My review.
  • Links to online stores (mainly amazon) and Goodreads.
  • A few teasers (pictures if provided by the author or block-quoted texts).
  • About the author.
  • Links to the author’s social media pages, including their website and GR link.
  • Links to all the books in the series if the book is a part of one.

—How I rate my books—

very close to selling my soul for this book. very very close.

if there’s perfection, then this book defines it.

it was so good, but not good enough. but still very good.

what is this book missing? i know it’s missing something other than those two stars. but what?

meh. i think it was just a huge waste of time.

the very existence of this book offends the fuck out of me.


—Badges that I award—


This badge is my stamp of approval that this book is as dark, and as twisted as it promised to be. It’s not one I easily give away because not every book deserves it. The book has to be particularly dirty for me to award this badge.

royal junkie button

This is the highest badge I can give. It is reserved only for those books that are so good that I don’t have another word for them. No amount of stars can possibly justify how much I love this book and how mind-blown I was by it.

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