I lured Lana out of her bat-cave! Day #4 of Pick-pocketing Poems♥


Well well well, will you look at that! She actually came out of her writing cave for this! Oh-mah-fucking-gawd!

I’ve been in fucking LOVE with Lana ever since I read Crescendo last year, and even though that it literally the only book I’d read by her, it’s still on my top books list. Still.

If you love dark, then it’d be a freaking crime to not to read her because I was literally crawling out of my skin while reading Crescendo. Read it, you’ll get it why it’s one of my favs. This little lady is like a dynamite that explodes in your bodies with her words.

Jay-fucking-zuz. Let’s get on shall we?

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I dragged Kate into this alley! Day #3 of Pick-pocketing Poems♥


Look whom I’ve lured here with the promises of candies and stories *cackles*. Today ladies and gentlemen, I have got you a new treat by the delectable Kate Farlow, or as you might know her- LK Farlow!

Kate is a new to me author, and I have read just a couple of her books, but this lady is damn talented people. I was honestly really excited when she said yes to doing this. Especially the serial witch in me was at least. She was saying “new food for the cauldron blog”. No I’m not eating her. But I could. She’s that sweet♥

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I tricked Leylah Attar into a poem! Day #2 of Pick-pocketing Poems♥


Woohoo! Day two baby!!

Okay okay, I’m really excited ladies. I mean it’s one thing to have authors doing this fest with you, but it’s another complete thing to have you F-A-V-O-U-R-I-T-E author to actually accept this. Especially when you were clever and you tricked her.


You should’ve seen me grinning when I got Leylah’s message telling me she would sooo do this.

I may or may not have left cracks in the walls from how loudly I might have squealed, and then bounced off them. I’ll never accept though.

By the way, have you every read Leylah?! Because if you haven’t then WHYYYYY not?! She’s my favourite author, and for a reason! Dear god people, you need to read her if your reader’s soul needs salvation. #TrueTale

And shit, then she went and accepted to write a poem inspired by a quote given by Amy frigging Harmon, and I died. What an absolutely perfecto combination. *sighs and swoons and dies again*

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Kicking it off with Amy Harmon! Day #1 of Pick-pocketing Poems♥


Ladies and LADIES! Let me introduce to you—

Pick-pocketing Poems!

What is it and what’s up you ask?

Well well well ladies, you see, home girl here is a HUGE lover of poetry. And when I say huge, I mean
H-U-G-E lover. And if many of you are aware of not, I don’t know, but April is the month of Poetry. We here in the poetry community take this shit very seriously.

So I thought, why just poets? Let me rope in some of my favorite writers and have them join me for a month long fest. And that is exactly what I have. 15 authors are here to bring you a poem every alternate day of the month.

But! But! But! Hold on! Here’s the surprise! There are a couple of rules babes!

The author that writes the first day, gives a quote to the author after her, and she has to write a poem inspired from the quote given to her, and the book from which the quote was given is gifted as a GIVEAWAY! Which means 15 new books for ya’ll!!

Hands in the air if you’re excited!

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