Pour yourselves a shot of angst cuz’ Kandi Steiner is here! Day #14 of Pick-pocketing Poems♥


Let me take a deep breath in because this certain lady has the tendency to make me lose them so often at this point, I’m kind of terrified of her.

I am of course talking about Kandi Steiner.

I’ll tell you how I met her or rather found her. You see, I was just quaintly browsing GR like it’s my job, and then I came across the cover for Weightless by Kandi Steiner- a then new to me author. So I did what I always do when I find pretty covers- I got that book. But you see, I did not just get that one, but two more of her books because they were all just soooo pretty, and then I got confused which one to start with.

Now who better to ask but Kandi herself. And so ask I did, and she said if I like angst, then I should go for A Love Letter to Whiskey, and so I did, and so I fell, and that was how I got terrified of her writing.

I know I’ve never reviewed any one of Kandi’s books on this blog before because it’s really fucking difficult for me to do so. She takes my heart on such a widely terrifying roller-coaster ride, that months later I’m still suffering. And that is how I knew that I had to have her here on this poetry blast, because surely if I was suffering, it’s my duty to humankind to make them suffer as well.

So here she is- pour yourselves some liquid courage if you must, because when it comes to Kandi freaking Steiner, you’re gonna need it babes.

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Hold on to your seats, because L.H. Cosway is here to steal the show! Day #13 of Pick-pocketing Poems♥


I know, you’re probably gonna be like “this is getting really repetitive Ari”, and I’m #SorryNotSorry if it is because holy. fucking. gawd, today I bring you LH freaking Cosway!!!

OK, let me just briefly tell you why having Lorraine here gets me so excited- you see I was 15 when I first read a book by her, and I. Fell. In. Love. Because Lorraine’s writing reaches out of the pages of the book and drags you inside kicking and screaming, and you don’t even notice when an entire week has passed and you’re re-reading her series for the 7th time in the last 10 days. That is how crazy this woman drives me with her stories. There is literally not one book of hers that I did not absolutely adore, and I have read all of them.

So yeah, I HAD to have her here because let’s face it.. how could I have all my favorite authors here without having my second most dearest one?

Exactly I couldn’t.

So here she is, with her poem inspired by what Emma left her.. let’s get on with it.

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Raise the curtains for Emma Scott! Day #12 of Pick-pocketing Poems♥


Oh mai god! Someone bring me some ammonia, because I think this girl is gonna faint!

Emma Scott.

I’m not even gonna be all dramatic, but EMMA SCOTT is here!!!! If you’ve been keeping in touch with all the releases this year, then you know that one book released was literally one of the best books ever. And by that I of course mean In Harmony. I know I’m pretty dramatic on a regular basis, but In Harmony literally tore at me. I gave it a 6 star! And the only other books I’ve given a six star to are Leylah’s books.

So yeah, I really love Emma. She was literally the third name on my list of authors when I was making one for sending out the invitations. I was praying and hoping that she would accept because she’s just too phenomenal an author and I really wanted to show everyone that she’s exceptionally good in every thing she writes. I really really hope you guys check this poem out because I fucking love it. Period.

So without more of my dramatic monologues, I present to you- Emma freaking Scott.

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And so the fantastic Amo Jones is finally here! Day #11 of Pick-pocketing Poems♥


So literally minutes after posting Jennifer’s post yesterday, Amo sent me her stuff, and so I was like let’s do it today and get on track! I’ll apologize in advance if this post reads lack-lustre from the usual, that’s because I’m dead tired on my feet. But more on that later on..

Let us get on with Amo Jones.

I haven’t read a lot of books by Amo, but majority of the ones that I’ve read I have thoroughly enjoyed. Amo masters in writing suspense and thriller with a pinch of dark romance. Her writing just grabs you and I was so fucking excited when she said yes!

So without much fanfare, let us begin..

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It’s the elusive Jennifer Bene here today! Day #10 of Pick-pocketing Poems♥


Woohoo! She’s finally here!

So technically it was supposed to be Amo Jones who was supposed to post today, but since I couldn’t get in touch with her, and Jennifer had missed a day, I have her here today!! BTW Jennifer’s had a rough couple of days, so go send her some love peeps.

Anyways, let me just tell you a bit about her. I was introduced to Jennifer’s writing when I read Imperfect Monster, and absolutely floved it, so when I was planning for this, I knew I had to have her here. And she is! So fuck yeah! It would be nearly impossible to read her books and not see how talented this lady is.

You know what, I’ll just let her writing speak for itself…

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Rachel Van Dyken’s here to ruin us all! Day #9 of Pick-pocketing Poems♥


I’m sorry- it’s far too late when I’m writing this post, and I’m far too drunk on the weirdest combination of sleepiness and excitement because hawly-fucking-god Rachel’s here!

I’ve been in love with Rachel’s writing for sooo long that honestly, I can’t even remember. She was one of the first romance authors who helped me convert from child stories to YA and NA novels. And seriously, even to this date, The Bet series is one of the most hilarious books I’ve ever read. And you would be lying to me if you told me that you did not laugh at least once- and by laugh I mean that obnoxious, snorting laugh that’s ugly but oooh sooo satisfying.

So yeah, while I can clearly go on forever talking about her, let me just let her steal your heart. Without much more drama, I present to you Rachel Van Dyken.

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Trisha here to fuck all our brains up peeps! Day #8 of Pick-pocketing Poems♥


And so we are here at the end of one loop. Remember when Celia wrote her poem on a quote by Trisha? Well, I promised then that Trisha was coming, and so here she is!

Fuck, if you’ve been around for the month and a half, then you probably remember me raving about Trisha’s books. And if you haven’t then well at least you know now. I fucking fell in love with Trisha’s writing, so it was an absolute no brainer asking her to do this. And she not only said yes, but she also stood up to the challenge and wrote a poem of both the quotes Mara presented!

And so now, I’ll just allow her to steal the show-

Trisha Wolfe people!

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Here I bring you the brilliant Mara White! Day #7 of Pick-pocketing Poems♥


I know what you’re thinking- “Ari I thought it was an alternate day event, what happened boo!” To which I’d say “Hey! Even the best laid plans get foiled!” And that ladies and gentlemen is not a cop-out. So, initially Jennifer Bene was scheduled to be spotlighted on the 13th, but I couldn’t get in touch with her, so I skipped that day instead of posting ahead of shedule because.. honestly.. you don’t care right?! LOL. Anyways let me introduce you to Mara White!

I was introduced to Mara’s writing last year with her Lovesick duet. It was to put simply- brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Clean, crisp, and absolutely heart-wrenching that story was. I’m still scarred. So when I went to form this list, I knew I had to ask her if she wanted to do this and she said YES!! I was so bloody excited!!! So without much more fan flair, I present to you Mara freaking White!

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If it isn’t the dark maiden herself- Celia Aaron! Day #6 of Pick-pocketing Poems♥


Ohh yesh ladies, you read that right! I have Celia frigging Aaron here today so are you ready for some sexy times?!

You do know who she is right? Celia Aaron is a master of dark romances, one of my go to authors whenever I want something promisingly dark, so all my fellow dark junkies must know her!

Anyways, there’s actually a bit of a change in the schedule. What happened was, since I allowed the authors to choose the quotes, they ended up in two different loops lol, which means the quote Celia wrote on, is from an author I haven’t had here yet. But bear with me. They’ll be here soon enough 😀

So without further ado, I give you Celia Aaron people..

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Roll out the red carpet for Annika Martin! Day #5 of Pick-pocketing Poems♥


Oh em gee, since I haven’t been able to be taken as a hostage by three hunky robbers, I did the next best thing, and got them here. Or the lady who made them more like it.

You’re welcome Ladies.

Please tell me you’ve read Annika? She’s my go to author whenever I need to read something promising and hot and light and unbearably sexy. She’s also the reason my best friend thinks I’m a whore who wants to be in a relationship with three men who are preferably all tormented and are robbers as well.

And I have to tell you, she was so excited when I asked her if she wanted to join in on the fun, and when she said yes I was more excited, and so basically we were both ultra excited and now you’re extremely excited about not seeing the word excited every again. Aren’t ya’? LOL. Sorry, I’m a bit hyper, can you tell?

Anyways anyways anyways, I bring you Annika Martin! Let the drum-rolls begin!

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