February Wrap-Up: Where did it go?

Holla people!

I have honestly in the name of everything-you-consider-divine got no freaking clue where this month went! Like seriously, wasn’t it just a few days ago when I was writing my January wrap-up? It genuinely hit me today that February was over because I had a panel review for my final year project, which would kind of explain what happened to me. Anyways more on that later!


books-logoI think I had some grand plans to read Sapphic novels for this month, because I saw this Sapphic February thing last month on Twitter, and was successfully roped in, but I failed that particular challenge epically.. so we shall try to ignore I said that. (ง ื▿ ื)ว

You can read my reviews by clicking on the covers of the subsequent books.

53205912. sy475 Winter’s Orbit by Everina Maxwell

This book happened to me when I was debating the book I should start with, and suddenly I saw this on my timeline, and off my arse went to read it, because lets be honest, that cover is a fucking killer, and it was pitched as an “MM arranged marriage in space”, which you will be lying to me if you say doesn’t sound like an absolute treat. I found Kiem & Jainan ridiculously sweet, and although there were a few things I wish could’ve been done differently, Winter’s Orbit was a solid read I recommend for anyone looking for that pitch. (─‿‿─)♡

24044596Kulti by Mariana Zapata

I mean of freaking course I read Kulti! Look, when in doubt always go Mariana Zapata. It has never failed me in the past, and it will never fail me in the future. I can never get enough of Kulti and Sal fighting, and the long long relationship developments just do it for me. Sorry, I really am a complete and utter gonner for slow-burns. Just for the record, this is my 11th time reading Kulti, so. (*¯ ³¯*)♡

52411049. sx318 sy475 The Dark Tide by Alicia Jasinska

And ladies and gentlemen, we have our first DNF of the year. Jezuz freaking Krist, this book was a nightmare to go through. I found this book on the list of Sapphic novels, and thought the premise sounded pretty promising, and picked it up solely because of that, but it turned out to be a culmination of everything single thing I hate about YA, and just when I thought of starting to read it again. I think books like these are just not for me. I am not the intended audience, and I don’t enjoy them, so I will just avoid them in the future like I have been doing for so many years now. 



Unfortunately for me, I really did not get much time this month whatsoever to actually binge on manga like I usually do, but I did manage to finish one amazing manhua, and so I have no complaints whatsoever. Also, I feel like I am kind of running out of mangas to read, so if you have anything, recommend me!

52696965. sy475 Starting With a Lie by Liang Azha

Argh this manhua was too much for me! The pastel blue water-painting art style, the ridiculously adorable characters, the utterly infallible trope of fake dating to lovers, and this was an instant love for me. I cannot gush enough over this, I was a total tomato when reading it, and I don’t even blush dammit. Even though I am not much for misunderstandings that stem from non-communication between our characters, I totally fell for the way Liang Azha wrote his protagonists. I just need more from this creator. Seriously. 



Look if I am made to add every single book I wanted to read this month but failed to, then we will be here for the whole day, because I had so much hopes for reading so much more than I actually ended up reading, so I will just list the top few I think I will get through in the next couple of weeks. 

53317495. sy475 Fireheart Tiger by Aliette De Bodard

Yes I have reasons other than that utterly gorgeous cover for wanting to read this baby, and no I will not be accepting any sidelooks today, no way sirro. Set in a pre-colonial Vietnamese-esque world, Fireheart Tiger just calls for me to read it, and I really truly am going to start it tomorrow. Promise. It is apparently a short novella, so I think I will be done within hours of starting it, so here’s to hoping. 

55427204The Tangleroot Palace by Marjorie M. Liu

That cover is the most gorgeous thing EVER, and I freaking squealed when I got the ARC for this one. I have finished the first story in the book, and I had Goosebumps if that helps you gauge just how good this book really is. My first time reading Liu, and I am just so impressed with her story telling, which has thus far been absolutely brutal. 

—Before the year ends I will read—

53086843 52858788 51591631. sx318
I saw these books, and promptly added them to the top of my TBR.

PS: I will spontaneously combust and burst out into tears when I finally get my hands on You’ve Reached Sam. It really is my most anticipated book this year. Read that synopsis, and I dare you to tell me otherwise!




I think I had a lot of things I wanted to do on the blog this month, but life kept me kind of busy. I’m currently in my final semester of Engineering, so the project had all my attention this month, because we really needed to make a dent in the progress bar before Mumbai goes into a second lock-down, which seems to just be looming at the periphery of the week now. On top of that I am preparing college applications for Masters degree which is much tougher than it looks, don’t let anyone lie to you. Add all that up, and I just feel perpetually exhausted long before the day is really over, you know. I think I will just stick to small TBRs until my schedule becomes less hectic, if that is even something that is possible lol. Thoughts?


  • Stop spending so much time on Twitter lmao. 
  •  Put less pressure on reading as a job, and actually do it for the soul of it because sometimes I seem to forget it.
  • Try to cuss less. Again. (try try till you one day succeed or die)


—Question for you—

What is your favorite Sapphic novel that you’ve read? Recommend me something cool and stabby. Seriously.


—Follow me—



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