The Wish Collector- Mia Sheridan

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New Orleans, a city of mystery and magic, of secrets and dreams, and a history drenched in both love and the deepest of heartache.

When ballet dancer Clara Campbell arrives in New Orleans, lonely and homesick, she is immediately captivated by the story of Windisle Plantation and the tragic tale that is said to have transpired beyond its gate. Legend has it that it is abandoned by all living souls, but to Clara’s great surprise, it is not a ghost she hears through the stone wall surrounding the property, but a flesh and blood man. A scarred stranger with a pain deeper and darker than the churning waters of the Mississippi river that flows beside his self-imposed prison.

The ruined man behind the wall hides himself from the world. The last thing he expects is to find a friend in the selfless girl who speaks to him through the cracks in the rock. The girl who keeps returning week after week. The girl who makes him wish for things he has long since given up on. The girl who strikes both fear and hope within his wounded heart. But there can be no future for them, no life beyond Windisle, for no one knows better than him that monsters only live in the dark.

The Wish Collector is the story of shame and triumph, of loneliness and love, and the miracle of two hearts connecting despite the strongest of barriers between them.

Release Date: 26th November, 2018.


What I think?

Honestly, ya know what? I have no bloody clue how I’ve never reviewed Mia on the blog before, but I know I know- shame on me.  I honestly went looking for any book I might have reviewed of hers here, and I couldn’t find any, which got me thinking- how the bloody fuck did that even happen?! I mean, this is one of my most favorites authors, and she’s also my most read ones (I’ve read the entire Sign Of Love series more times than I care to count anymore) and I think I know why.

So you see, the first time I read Mia was when I was in 10th grade, and stealing time from my mother to read romance books. She was one of the first romance authors I’d read, and if you’ve read any book of her’s then you know it is absolutely impossible to not get hooked. After that, I don’t think I ever really read her books with the mindset to review them. I just read them for the words. And when the blog was birthed, the trend just continued.

Sad state of reality, but true it is. What can I say.

Anyways, here we are with this book, and that gorgeous cover, and those beautiful and haunting words that binds itself into a story inside said gorgeous cover.

Let’s get started.

When I picked this book up, I wasn’t really expecting anything from the storyline, I mean if you’ve read Mia before then you know it’s best to just go in blind and trust her to hold your hands and heart through it. Scary, but totally worth it.

Anyways, there I was, diving into the book and before I knew it, I had drowned. Like seriously, I don’t think any other word does any justice to the feeling I had when the chapters were flying by and the story grew and unraveled.

Seamlessly transitioning between the present and the past, The Wish Collector is a love story about fate and how everything plays into its hand, and if I am to be more specific, it’s the Beauty and The Beast kind of love story. It’s a story of a man broken by his past, ruined by his life, on the verge of giving up when hope arrives in the form of a lovely little/not-so-little angel. Hands in the air if anyone else is thinking Archer’s Voice. Anyways, I’ll let Mia tell you what our beast, Jonah, was like—

He looks like a man who’s been terribly hurt by the world and believes there is nothing left to love about him anymore.

Ladies, if your heart isn’t going Gaga for our man Jonah here already, then y’all are in some serious need of a heart transplant. ASAP.

Okay okay, back to the tale (that I never really got to heh-heh >.<).

Clara, our Beauty, is a ballet dancer, who has left her home and the last dredges of her family to chase her dreams, but that kind of chasing comes with it’s own price- loneliness. Alone and kinda friendless in the city of New Orleans (which as a side note, because of this book and Behind the Bars by Brittainy C. Cherry I am d-y-i-n-g to go to now), Clara sets out to find her own bit of magic in the city of magic, when a tale passed down through the generations- a doomed tale of two lovers- catches her in it’s claws. Determined to see the tale to it’s end, she sets out on a path to save the lovers who were cursed by the very society and the family they lived in and with.

Enter Jonah Chamberlain. Aka our already introduced Beast. Better known in this book as the last remaining blood descendant of Lady Doomed Love- Angelina, a baby born of the the Chamberlain blood in the black body of a slave.

Before anyone goes castrating me about the blatant racism in that statement, I just want to say that is really what she was in the 1800s. True story, I’m not being a racist, I swear.

Anyways, as the tale goes, Angelina falls in love with a white soldier, and their family meddle, because that’s what all families do, and she kills herself all Juliet style. Tragic? I know.

As Angelina and John’s story is told to us in the past, the present unravels around Claire, who believes she can give the dead Angelina what she never had in her life- her love.

Only issue, because there’s always an issue, the supposed place the ghost of Angelina haunts the grounds belongs to none other than our already beloved Beast, and to know more about her, Claire must talk to the man who might be the only one alive tied to the story. Only problem is Jonah is not the man he was in his past. His mistakes and their prices he paid have turned him into someone who believes isolation is the only way to atone for his sins.

Did you catch all that? Good. Because that is literally the entire story in a nutshell.

Anyways, I guess, you already figured what happened next, Claire and Jonah fall in love, and bla bla bla happens and then some more bla bla bla and then they solve the mystery, and bla bla bla.

And that , as you might’ve realized is not what made this book so endearing to me.

What I absolutely, without any doubt, A-D-O-R-E-D about The Wish Collector was the tone in which it was delivered. If I were to be more poetic, then I’d say this story was like a siren song- immensely tragic, even when it was so full of love and life, and all that mushy shit. And you my dear friend, as a reader, guess who you are—

A pirate on a ship that hasn’t seen land or a lady in months and years and decades. You’re the one who’s going to follow the song down to the bottom of the ruthless ocean.

And that is exactly why, my darlings, I said reading this book was like drowning. Hell, I might’ve even shed a tear or two of Angelina and John.

See? I do tie up my metaphors sometimes. Occasionally.

Clara felt a tug at her heart for all the things in the great wide world that had been loved before and waited patiently to be loved again.

Although I wouldn’t really categorize this book as paranormal, it did seem entirely too magical at times to be something borne in reality, and Mia’s writing is a caricature of it’s own. I hadn’t read a book of her’s in a long long time, and to me personally, it was like a cold water to my face- a remainder that there are all these authors so brilliantly talented in the art of story telling, and that I was reading one of their works in the present, and not decades and centuries after they have already been declared legends. Humbling feeling if I were to be honest.

I am totally stealing this from some review I read some time ago, and as said reviewer said, anyone can be a writer, but not everyone can be an author. And Sheridan is undoubtedly, an author.

Enchanting and darkly expressive, The Wish Collector is Mia Sheridan at her absolute best.  

If I don’t let my tears out, won’t I drown inside?

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About this author:

Mia Sheridan is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. Her passion is weaving true love stories about people destined to be together. Mia lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband. They have four children here on earth and one in heaven.



10 thoughts on “The Wish Collector- Mia Sheridan

    • It is! Usually she doesn’t really have any paranormal elements in her books, but I was so surprised so see her rely so heavily on them. It was a really satisfying read. Did you read it yet? 😀


  1. I always want to read books set in New Orleans, and one of the problems is that I never can find books that interest me. Thanks for this review, I will definitely be looking into it.

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