Here I bring you the brilliant Mara White! Day #7 of Pick-pocketing Poems♥


I know what you’re thinking- “Ari I thought it was an alternate day event, what happened boo!” To which I’d say “Hey! Even the best laid plans get foiled!” And that ladies and gentlemen is not a cop-out. So, initially Jennifer Bene was scheduled to be spotlighted on the 13th, but I couldn’t get in touch with her, so I skipped that day instead of posting ahead of shedule because.. honestly.. you don’t care right?! LOL. Anyways let me introduce you to Mara White!

I was introduced to Mara’s writing last year with her Lovesick duet. It was to put simply- brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Clean, crisp, and absolutely heart-wrenching that story was. I’m still scarred. So when I went to form this list, I knew I had to ask her if she wanted to do this and she said YES!! I was so bloody excited!!! So without much more fan flair, I present to you Mara freaking White!


“I wanted to be near her more than I wanted to be alive, and leaving her would be like death.”
—Jennifer Bene //Imperfect Monster

Mara White—

In cat’s cradle, the strings all twist
themselves into sticky knots
like sticky hearts
where love grows between sticky fingers
and thieving glances, clean licked plates,
on folded notes of love-struck confession
by spit balls and spat words, after school detention,
but love still flows through cords
and closed doors,
across wires and even underground the love abounds.
Stuck up hearts aren’t always broken.
Love glows through with bells and whistles, dropped silver tokens.
Love creeps in last before the curtain closes and the lights go down.
Unstuck love will fade with words unspoken.
Phantom ships tip on stormy waters with fog horns and bell tolls that still sing the drunken songs of loves lost and forgotten.
Deep in dirt with clocks stopped
the love still moves beneath our feet and memory holds the ticking heart
in sticky hands
with eyes closed
and the knots we tied now frayed,
and fallen all apart.

Mara White

About Mara—

head_shot1Mara White is a contemporary romance and erotica writer who laces forbidden love stories with hard issues, such as race, gender and inequality. She holds an Ivy League degree but has also worked in more strip clubs than even she can remember. She is not a former Mexican telenovela star contrary to what the tabloids might say, but she is a former ballerina and will always remain one in her heart. She lives in NYC with her husband and two children and yes, when she’s not writing you can find her on the playground.


—Books by Mara—

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Holy Cow! How perfect was Mara’s poem?! I absolutely love it. It’s so gritty and burns down your throat as you try to swallow those words. Don’t ya’ think? What do you think? Do you agree with me?! Tell me down below already!


Alright.. since I still don’t know if Jennifer is participating or not, I’ll just give away a direct-to-kindle copy of Celia’s latest book, The Maiden.


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  • OK so I guess we need to do something different now, since this is all out of the usual and everything. You know what? Fuck this, just tweet Mara that you love her. Even if you don’t, say that. Spread love and all that shit you know. LOL . BTW, don’t forget to tell her why you love her ha!
  • Tell me in the comment section down below if Mara did Jennifer’s quote any justice or not. (Yes, you can be brutally honest too XD)
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Anyways, that’s it for today. I’ll se ya’ll tomorrow, with this book I need to talk about because #BookHangover! And I promise to be there on 17th, with the next author in the line up, because I have to say.. I love her poem!! To catch up with what Celia wrote last click here.. and hang on, and love and hugs and kisses and all that shit.


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