Stranger- Robin Lovett

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This isn’t supposed to be a love story. This is not the kind of book where a girl gets swept off her feet. Where the hero is her knight in shining armor. This is a novel about ruining someone’s life. But even the simplest plans for revenge can go wrong.

I like the way he watches me, this man I don’t know. It’s something I’ll never confess to, never tell a soul. But with one look of those penetrating eyes, I feel as if he’s unwrapped me, turned me inside out, rubbed away at my trust-fund-holding, good-girl exterior until I’m raw and exposed.

He looks like he wants to destroy me. Like he wants to obliterate me and my shallow, perfect life until there’s nothing left.

And once I meet Logan, the crazy part is, I want him to.


I hate Penny Vandershall.

I hate her money and her family and her privilege. I hate her innocence and her smile and her shine. I want to annihilate her lightness and consume her with my darkness, my anger, my red-hot rage until there is nothing left of her.

I know the truth about her, the truth that will make it easy to bring her down. To ruin her for good. But through the blinding haze of my hatred, my burning need for revenge, she’s starting to get to me. She looks at me in wide-eyed fear, like a girl approaching the tiger’s cage. And yet she refuses to walk away; edging closer until she can meet the beast who wants to rip her apart.

And even though I set out to ruin her, she may be the one to destroy me.

Warning: Stranger by Robin Lovett is a scorching, intense romance novel featuring an anti-hero out to get revenge against the trust-fund woman whose family destroyed his life.

Release Date: 13th June, 2017.


What I think?

So this book was rather intense. Was this the first of its kind for me? No, definitely not. I think I’ve read many books in this theme by now, but this certainly held a certain charm to it. I was captivated, but at the same time, the characters got on my nerves. I think the only proof to that is how long it took me to read it. It took me over 3 days to finish it, and it wasn’t exactly one of those longer books. So yeah.. there were some problems.

Let me make this review rather short and get to the main point- the characters.

Penny and Logan were two weird characters. And when I say weird, I don’t say that because one of them is a serial stalker and the other one likes that. Nada. I liked the stalking stuff, but it was the abrupt change in both their behaviors that became an issue for me.

Logan made it plenty clear that Penny’s wealth annoyed him. Might I even say that he was jealous of it, because growing up he had none, and he and his sister really had to struggle for money. So yeah, I get that he wants to marry her for her money.. but then what?

Excuse my lack of brain cells, my exams just got over, and I’m trying to give my head a rest, but what was Logan’s ultimate plan exactly?

He married her, and then planned to take over her trust fund, and then he’d leave with the money. And then?! How the fuck does it get a revenge over Penny’s dead dad who was his sister’s rapist/murderer?! The man’s dead. He never really cared for his children, then why the hell would leaving them kind of poor affect him?

Really what the hell were his plans?!

OK, I’m confused now.

I think other than his questionable revenge plan, my other problem was how quickly everything escalated. One minute he’s stalking her, and then the next they’re married and trying to convince her brother that they are in love and the next he’s threatening her, and the next they’re having wild sex, and then making love and then telling “I love you’s”, and then.. and now I’m confused.

The whole book, if I am not wrong happens in the span of 2 weeks. Two measly weeks, and Logan falls in love with a girl who doesn’t value money, when all his life he hated trust-fund babies, and two weeks, and Penny falls in love with the man who scares the shit out of her, and two weeks and everyone is suddenly OK with the fact that Penny’s father had raped and murdered Logan’s sister.

It was a sudden fairy tale ending, and I’m sorry, but I hate fairy tale endings, especially when I don’t see the reason for the change.

I saw the anger and the hatred, and I saw the love. What I did not however see was the gradual development of feelings. So yeah, a 4 star for that reason.

Another thing I had an issue with was how quickly Penny agrees to marry Logan. Dude! I get it, he’s threatening to taint your dead father’s name in the society, but did you even fucking ask to see the proof of what he was talking about!? No! He told her that her father had raped his sister 8 years ago, and that as a retribution, she had to marry him and give him her trust fund, and she agrees?! She literally marries a stranger who is a possible psychopath as far as she knows, on no fucking proof!

Besides that, like I already said, I quite enjoyed this book. The story was well written, barring those stuff I told you, and it was somewhat intense. Am I kind of excited for the next book? I’d be lying if I said no. So let’s see what Lovett gives us with Blake then shall we?


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About the author:

ROBIN LOVETT writes sexy contemporary romances, and her next dark romance series is scheduled for release this summer 2017. The first book STRANGER, A Dark Stalker Romance, will release June 13th, with DECEIVER: A Dark Revenge Romance and KEEPER: A Dark Captive Romance to follow on July 11 and August 15.

Robin enjoys writing romance to avoid the more unsavory things in life, like day jobs, housework, and personal demons. To feed her coffee and chocolate addictions, she can frequently be found overdosing on mochas. When not writing with her cat, she’s busy embracing untamable curly hair and adventuring in the outdoors with her husband.



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