Father- Clarissa Wild

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Confess your sin.

People call me Father, but I prefer Frank because I’m the worst preacher you’ll ever meet.
Days spent completely wasted pull a number on you, especially when you’ve got a truckload of baggage that comes with it.
Until this beautiful girl in the back of the church takes my breath away.
…And we end up committing sacrilege in the confessional.
Did I mention I’m filthy?
Bad doesn’t even begin to describe me, and after one taste of what she’s got to offer, I want more.
Too bad having a dirty mind isn’t the only thing we’ve got in common…
Our past is laced with sin.

Author’s Note: This book is not for everyone. It’s raw. It’s vulgar. It’s downright offensive. But it’s oh so damn delicious with a capital D. If you are easily offended or prudish, please don’t read this book. But if you like a bit of humor mixed in with raunchiness and brawling, you’ll love this book.
Contains disturbing situations, strong language, and graphic violence.

Release Date: 25th April, 2017.


What I think?

Oh god. This book! It’s a train-wreck. I don’t even know where to start with this one.


So let me try and make this review/rant remotely coherent alright?

I started this book because of the warning. See that in the blurb? Yeah that one. I’m like a moth circling around those. But you can circle only as long as the flame doesn’t burn you, and this book definitely burned me.

How you ask?

Well, here’s what I got to tell you. I think writing dark romance is a rather tricky thing. You can end up with something that gives a reader chills, and makes their triggers flare up, OR (and it’s a big or), you can end up with a disaster that resembles that of an earthquake ranking 9 on the Richter scale.

This book? It’s the later. And I’m so annoyed with that.

No, I was not offended, in the sense that the things that happened in the book did not offend me, but rather the way the author executed everything that did. Say, you’re having sex, and you wanna shove everything and anything you find around you up the girl you’re having sex with- that’s your thing. Do it. But you wanna tell other people about that, then at the very least make a vague attempt at making it.. I don’t know.. hot? It was just disgusting and kind of the shock factor wore off after the first time.

So yeah, I really hated the writing. But what about the characters you say?

Well, I say fuck them. (No. Not in the literal sense goddammit, metaphorically!)

In the beginning of the book, like say the first couple of chapters or so, I really liked Frank. The way he thought, his jaded way regarding god- it was all very well portrayed and I could really connect with him. But then things go downhill. Fast.

He sees this completely hot girl with a young boy in his pew while he is giving his sermon, and is completely bewitched by her. Then she approaches him for a confession, and they end up pretty much eye-fucking each other. I thought, that maybe this was a dirty priest book, but motherfucking fucker! Things get so fucked up between them, and I think the author tries to keep a semblance of mystery regarding the whole plot, but it was so fucking easy to look through!

Which brings me to Laura. I’m convinced that this girl is a ghost. Like no shit. She was everywhere. Like EVERYWHERE! And looming. She’s doing the whole creepy looming thing. For example, Frank is masturbating thinking about her, and she is there behind him, then he is talking with his friend about his past, and she is there behind him to listen to it, and then he just comes back from killing his wife’s killers, and she is there- you guessed it, right fucking behind him!


And no! I don’t know who I’m calling a bitch- Laura or the author. What is she doing! Seriously, what the hell is she doing! Did Wild just pull the “heroine stumbles into the hero’s dark past by mistake” thing more than 4 times?!

And you ask me why I hate this book?

Frank and Laura made no sense to me. I get it- he’s hot, she’s hot, they’re attracted. But dude, he killed her innocent mom, and dragged her body with him and buried it and never gave her family to say goodbye (and no, I don’t care how much he repents after that, someone kills my pregnant mother, and I find out that I’m sleeping with that guy? He’s getting filleted. And I’m gonna start with his mini-me), and then Laura’s dad kidnapped Frank’s wife and son, and then raped and killed her. So yeah, I don’t get what they are doing together. I don’t see the material where they fall in love. What do they fall in love with each other for anyways! Her habit of stalking him, and listening to his private shit? His habit of shoving church candles and crosses down her c*nt and ass?

Their entire relationship was a mess for me. But even worse, remember I said Laura’s father had kidnapped Frank’s baby son? Yeah turns out the son is alive and he is Laura’s brother. As in they adopted him.

So tell me, what would you do if you find a child you thought was dead for 6 years is alive, and you know him?

Well you and I, we’d praise god and spend our rest of the days with the kid right?

Well not Frank. He’s just tell the kid that he was his real father, and then go on to ignore him to eyefuck the kid’s adopted sister.


Now are you seeing why I hated this book?

Do I recommend it?

No, save your time. Go read a good book. There are plenty of them out there. Don’t waste your precious time on this piece of garbage. And garbage is exactly what this book is.

I’m out.

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About this author:

Clarissa Wild is a New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author, best known for the dark Romance novel Mr. X. Her novels include the Fierce Series, the Delirious Series, the Stalker Duology, Twenty-One (21), Ultimate Sin, Viktor, Bad Teacher, RUIN, and Wicked Bride Games. She is also a writer of various erotic romances. She is an avid reader and writer of sexy stories about hot men and feisty women. Her other loves include her furry cat friend and learning about different cultures. In her free time she enjoys watching all sorts of movies, reading tons of books and cooking her favorite meals.


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