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“Can one of these five rockstars fill the hole in my heart? Or will I stay broken forever?”

Young, dumb, and broke.

That’s what started everything. With five dollars in her pocket, and everything she owns stuffed in the back of her car, Lilith Goode’s life is over. Done. Destroyed.

Ten words. One text. That’s what it took to change the whole world.

A crumpled concert ticket. A chance encounter. That’s what it takes to start all over again.

Five rockstars. One girl. Six dark hearts, six withered souls.
But can one broken person really put another back together again?

Release Date: 21st March, 2017.


What I think?

The first thing I’d say about this book is that don’t let my rating stop you from reading this book. It was a bloody interesting one, and I really enjoyed it. I will justify my rating in the review if you hang around for a few more seconds tho.

So with that, let us begin.

This book was unconventional- in the sense that if you wanna read a book where the lady is a damsel in distress, and the knight comes flying in, sweeping her off her feet, and they fall in love, and HEA HEA HEA, then this is probably not the book for you. Hell, this is definitely not the book for you.

But let us check out the cliched tropes at first—

  1. A damsel in distress?✔
  2. A wounded hero?✔
  3. Another wounded hero?✔

Wait what?!

4. Yet another wounded hero?✔

What the hell is happening here?!

5. Did not have enough? Let’s add two more to the mix. So, another two wounded heroes?✔

OK, now you’re just fucking with me.

See that? That is exactly what I thought. And no, she does not choose between the five of them, she’s.. uhm uhm *clears throat*.. doing all five of them. And I don’t mean doing as politely as I said it.

The five of them are going all bang bang into the room. Or bus in this case.

This was my first book by Stunich, and I’m pleasantly surprised.

The story begins with our heroine- Lilith. (I love how she’s named Lilith, like the from the Book of Isaiah. No, I’m not religious, and that is because I’ve read all the religious books and decided that religion is not for me. Don’t say anything. But yes, back to the topic, Lilith is supposedly one of the 8 unclean animals, and generally associated with the demonic. And we all know how the majority of the world views anything other than straight heterosexual relationships as ‘the devil’s work’ *cue eyeroll*. So yeah, the name had a huge significance, and I really appreciated it. Plus points for the understated Biblical allusion.)

Yes, so let me come back on the track, the story begins with Lilith finding out that her father just died. Broke, and with no home, she heads on to a concert that she had tickets to, with the plans of selling them for some money. Instead there she meets the men who would change her life- Beauty in Lies band members.

We have Paxton– the asshole, and the lead singer, Michael– the one with the girlfriend, and unattainable, and the lead guitarist, Ransom– the one who hides under his hoodies because of his scars, and can’t sleep alone because of his nightmares, and the base guitarist, Muse– the one who thinks of every practical thing, takes care of everyone, and the rhythm guitarist, and Cope– the one who has beautiful green eyes, and gives out hugs, and is the good guy that wants to save everyone, and the drummer. And they all have their own demons.

OK, caught up with me? It’s-it’s a little confusing I agree. So bear with me. I had to get that out of the way.

Moving on. They save Lilith, and take her with them after she has basically slept with everyone but Michael (because he has a girlfriend remember?), and give her 2 weeks to get her life on track, as they are touring.

That is it.

This book basically was—


[]= when she remembers that her dad is dead.

{}= plot/anything other than sex.

sexsexsexsexsex= you guessed it! SEX!

And that ladies and gentlemen, is my main issue with this book. No not sex! I’m OK with sex, it’s the excess of it. It’s the fact that anytime the story tried moving forward, they start having sex out of nowhere.

The plot was great and unique. The characterization was on point, and every single character seemed well developed and easily distinguished. It was the over-saturaion of sex in this book that killed it for me. And like I said, I am pleased with Stunich’s writing. When she was not cramming sex scenes into the book, her writing was really good. Great imagery, beautiful expressions, and she really delivered the pain felt by the characters to the reader.

And then there was the whole “my dad is dead” thing. I am very tempted to just count the number of times she said that her dad is dead. It kept coming up and up and up and up. Like everything started with my dad is dead. And it got old real fast.

Another thing that got on my nerves was the fact that she started thinking of the boys as hers, just after a couple of days. I am OK with the four of them she slept with as being her. They signed on to that, but what annoyed me was her tone of the propriety. Like how she kept thinking of Michael as hers even when he was in a relationship. Like it was a foregone conclusion. I did not like that at all, especially since, she had just come out of a relationship where she had been cheated on, and did not want Michael to cheat on his girlfriend (and yet she kissed him). The whole thing with Michael was just ugly to me. Can’t really explain it easily.

I don’t know what else to say about this book. I wanted the next one as soon as this got over (and I have read that one as well, I’ll review it in a few days). So as annoyed as I was, there is something about this book that is not ready to leave me. It’s kind of weirdly attractive. You know like that boy in highschool you hated because he was a righteous arsehole, but somehow were still horny for him? Yeah this book was like that for me. I don’t even like this book, and I don’t even dislike this book, and I’m still hungover it.

Stuck between cruel and kind right now. That’s where I am. And it’s a beautiful fucking place to be.


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About this author:

C.M. Stunich is a self-admitted bibliophile with a love for exotic teas and a whole host of characters who live full time inside the strange, swirling vortex of her thoughts. Some folks might call this crazy, but Caitlin Morgan doesn’t mind – especially considering she has to write biographies in the third person. Oh, and half the host of characters in her head are searing hot bad boys with dirty mouths and skillful hands (among other things). If being crazy means hanging out with them everyday, C.M. has decided to have herself committed.

She hates tapioca pudding, loves to binge on cheesy horror movies, and is a slave to many cats. When she’s not vacuuming fur off of her couch, C.M. can be found with her nose buried in a book or her eyes glued to a computer screen. She’s the author of over thirty novels – romance, new adult, fantasy, and young adult included. Please, come and join her inside her crazy. There’s a heck of a lot to do there.

Oh, and Caitlin loves to chat (incessantly), so feel free to e-mail her, send her a Facebook message, or put up smoke signals. She’s already looking forward to it.



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