The Knight- B.B Reid

About this book:TheKnight(Medium)

Little Mian Ross and the big, bad Knight didn’t find their fairytale ending. Together they found war.

The Parties:
Angeles Knight
Mian Ross

The Order:
Angeles Knight orders the liberation of Mian Ross.
He’ll tear down their enemies, forsake his throne, and give his life to keep her safe.
All Mian must do is forgive his betrayal and put her heart on the line.

The Debt:
His legacy.

The Bandit:
The Sixth Knight

Release Date: 3rd May, 2017


What I think?

Warning: Spoilers ahead. And a lot of ranting too.

♠For a spoiler free review please go here.

OK, so here’s the thing. I’ve read 7 books by Reid so far- the whole Fear Me series, and now the Stolen Duet. While I had a lot of mixed feelings about Fear Me, I was genuinely pleased with how Bandit panned out. Since Fear Me was written earlier, I had discarded/avoided the mistakes or the detailed pointlessness as a learning curve, which was supported by the fact that Bandit had a much clearer story telling.

But then Knight happened.

And goddammit.

I could tell you that it was just bad, but that would be me taking the lazy route, and I think that this book has been lazy enough without me adding to it.

Allow me to elaborate.

Knight picks up from where Bandit left off. Mian has stabbed Angel for betraying her and her father, and has been rescued by Z and Lucas, who did not realize that she was the one who stabbed him. While Angel does not die (because of-fucking-course he does not die. This book fucking exists, doesn’t it!), he is seriously injured and in hospital, and Mian decides that she needs to escape otherwise she’s gonna end up dead.

Which is a possibility even if she runs.. so I really don’t know why she ran..?


So then Angel wakes up and sends Z and Lucas to bring her back. Which they do. After they have spooned with her naked (I think, because it’s been some few days since I read this book and the details are blurred ok!) and called her their sister (gross!).

What happens after this is the complete fucked up mess that I can’t even begin to describe.

No seriously, I really can’t. I am just confused. So let me take another route with this review, and try and explain the characters to you rather than the plot.



There’s stubborn, and then there’s a fucking moron.

I’ll let you guess which one Mian was.

Clue: The later.

I don’t even remember how she was in the last book, but she was damned well an idiot in this one. #SorryNotSorry for not mincing my words, but I think the safest and the smartest thing anyone could’ve done in the story would have been to tie her to a post and blow her head off. At least she would take all the stupid with her.

Let’s see all the people who almost got killed because of her- Caylen, Angel, Z, Lucas, Anna, Angel’s good cousin (whose name I can’t remember to save my life, because there were so many of them! And all with fucking A), and all the secondary bystanders who were not important to the plot, but what the hell! They could’ve died too!

And don’t get me started on her moral compass. Bitch, you decided to fall in love with a criminal when he was just in making at the age of 12. How the hell is his nature a surprise for you!

Which also begs the question, did she really love him? Isn’t love all about acceptance, and growing together instead of changing the person to fit your mold of perfect?

Whatever happened to that!

OK, I’ll stop about her, because really I could just go on and on and on and you get the point- she irritated me to the extent that I preferred her dead than alive. So let’s move on..



Hmm.. what to say?

He’s just so hot, and badass, and sexy, and such a bad boy, and so so marvelous that just thinking about him is making my panties fly off my legs. He makes me swoon. He makes my heart feel like it ran a marathon and can still run another. He makes me quiver and ache in all the right places! He makes me beg for mercy, and beg for more at the same time!


That is what I wish I could say about him, because really that is what Reid had built him up to be in the last book. He was this badass, unfeeling character that was unrepentant of his actions. He ruled with an iron fist, and was so fucking dom that – I don’t know Christian Grey? Is he who people usually think of when they think of dom? If so then that’s pretty sad, but let’s take him as an example for now – that Chrstian Grey would fall on his feet just being in Angel’s presence.

Yeah he was that guy.

Until he was not.

Look, I don’t have anything against personality arcs and character developments, but what I do have a thing against are a complete personality 180. Which seemed to be the case with Angel.

Where did my lion from the last book go! Where was the avenging angel that threatened to burn everyone down just to preserve his legacy! Where did they drag him and replace him with his kitten version!

I feel like pulling my hair out with him. Instead of being someone to be feared of, he turned into a big-ass pussy, and so lame. What endeared him to me in the last book was his obsession with everything being his way, and ironically in this book he couldn’t bend more backwards to accommodate Mian! He was dancing like a fucking monkey around her, and it was so frustrating to see that.

I feel like Reid made him too strong, too invincible in the last book, so much so that his behavior in this one just seems odd and all kinds of wrong. For the events in this book to affect him the way they did, he would have to be a weaker character, and there is nothing wrong with that, but the way she portrayed him in this book just felt like she had written herself into a corner, and couldn’t figure a way out other than cutting off his legs.

I was very disappointed with him.


And don’t get me started on the writing. Raw and unpolished writing is understandable in your first book/books. But this is the 7th book I’ve read by Reid, and I feel like she doesn’t know the plot anymore than I do! I don’t see the growth in her as an author! I had discarded her into the pile of one-time authors who I would have never visited again after being colossally disappointed by the last two books of the Broken Love series, if not for Bandit. I read Bandit, and decided to give her another chance because unlike the other books, it had a clear cut story, and a very systematic narration. Not chaotic.

Which is probably why Knight disappointed me so much. This book felt like someone had trapped Reid in a cold, damp dungeon that was too small to do anything other than breathe, and told her that the only way she was getting out of there was by writing this book. So she wrote it. Quality be damned. Story be damned. Narration be damned. And the characters be fucking damned. Half the time I had barely any idea what was going on, and then there was that scene where we meet load shit of Angel’s family. Actually no, let me rephrase that: where we start discussing with a load shit of Angel’s family without knowing jackshit about who they are. Did I miss a scene? Or did Reid just forget to write an entire chapter there?

I still persevered on. Until I reached my tipping point.

“I hope they found each other,” she whispered so softly I almost didn’t catch it.


“Our moms.”

Bitch, your mom cheated on your dad with Angel’s dad behind his mom’s back, who was once her best-friend, and who was prepared to sacrifice her own love for the love she had for her friend! And that woman- Angel’s mom- killed her own husband for cheating on her! You think she can ever forgive the woman who she once considered her bestfriend?!

I’m officially done with Reid. Her style of writing is not something I can torture myself with any longer, and it’s not something I wish to waste my time on. And I don’t recommend you waste yours with this book.


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About this author:

B.B., also known as Bebe, found her passion for romance when she read her first romance novel by Susan Johnson at a young age and she would sneak into her mother’s closet for books and even sometimes the attic.


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5 thoughts on “The Knight- B.B Reid

  1. OMG, this review has me laughing so hard! 😂😂 But I totally agree with everything you said. The Bandit was so badass and then The Knight was such a mess that I ended up skimming half the book. I’m sure there will be a spin-off series following what happened to Z and I’ll probably pick it up to see how that situation plays out and hopefully it’ll be A LOT better than The Knight. Hilarious review, Ari!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hell I don’t even know if I will. I was too disappointed with the rest of the book even begin to get interested in the whole Lucas, Anna and Z thing😑


  2. First off: LOVE YOUR SITE!!!
    Secondly: Why oh why is it so?! Ugh. (I’ve started the book) and the thoughts I was having I was brushing off saying I’m a picky bitch and I’m just that bitch who wanna find fault in something perfect (The Bandit). I swear though, it warms my heart to see I’m not alone! lol.
    Lastly!: Love this fucking, honest to God truth of a review!
    Damn, I see amma need some good ol’ malibu and pineapple to get me through this over the weekend (because I had to pause yet again out of frustration because Mian is fucking stupid.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • First off: Thank you so much! It took me hours designing it, especially the background lol, so thanks a lot for saying you liked it! 😛
      Secondly: Dude, I totally know what you’re talking about. I’m in her FB group, and I thought that maybe I was being a total bitch for criticizing it the way I did after I read the praises from other readers. But all my GR friends pretty much shared the same sentiment, so I was like, yeah maybe it’s not just me lol.
      Lastly: I completely understand your frustration. I kept putting the phone down and banging my head on the bed (because really my head was not worth this book lol). Also since this review was filled with all the spoilers and the general bitchy tone of it, I decided not to add it on GR. Can’t believe I wrote two reviews for this piece of shit book. I am an idiot lol 😛


  3. Hey I found your review on GR. I feel everything your saying. Reading this book was literary torture (??can u say that), anyway Angel was completely emasculated by that whiny, disloyal, unappreciative, oh woes me idiot, that he was basically a unoch at the end, which I had to force myself to skim.

    That overbearing mouth piece Anna, God I could picture Outlaw Caldwell from Misled (Kathryn Kelly MC series), shooting her for getting in his way of his woman..
    When did “Alpha” leave the house?..Choke her or something. .that Anna is a disposable Willow from the fear me series. Main & Anna needed to die..

    When u mentioned it, what was the plot. Every scene was predictable. And who goes to prison for someone or because of someone?..witness no one..especially not the head of a crime family, who is a Physco Alpha murderer who feels totally justified in putting Theo there in the first place. And he still couldn’t make her happy..

    Bandit was sooooo good & Knight was soooo bad maybe I’m being too harsh but l loved the fear me series minus whiny Willow, so I guess my expectations were high..
    Bottom line I didn’t respect Angel anymore about 30% in, someone needed to get his balls back from Mian. Mian was a complete disappointment, she wouldn’t listen..she was just sooo frikin annoying. Just someone kill Anna already. I liked the rest of the characters..

    Thanks for listening to my rant. I just couldn’t believe the people who loved it. When an Alpha becomes a Beta the story is doomed. When the heroine who was strong at first becomes a disloyal whiny brat with no way to make her happy, the story just becomes exhausting and not in a good way.


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