Losing Hope- Heidi Lis

About this book:


For the last year and a half, you could sum up my life in one word… disastrous.
One simple phone call was all it took to change my life forever.
If I could go back and do it again, what would I change?

What should have been one of the best days of my life turned into the absolute worst. Cast in a shadow that turns my days dark, and my nights even darker.
Before I can put the pain of the past behind me, I need to fix what’s broken.

The first step is believing it can be done, the second is forgiveness.
But forgiveness doesn’t come easy, least of all for who is to blame.
For every choice, there are consequences.
Some good.
Some bad.
Some simply unforgivable.

One poor choice made me the target of a sociopath.
And once again, I’m reminded just how cruel life can be.
I’ve come to learn after every storm, the sun shines again.
And, someone taught me life is only worth living if you smile.
It took almost losing him for me to understand.
What would I change?
Everything, but him!

Release Date: 21st March, 2017.


What I think?

First thing you should know is that I DNFed this book at 49%. And I never ever DNF a book if I can help it.


It was just that bad. Like mindblowingly, breathtakingly bad.


Was this book written by a 15 year old? Because I remember reading a book written by a friend when we were 15, and it’s safe to say that this book is worse. Way way worse.

When you start a book by killing off the mother of the main character, while said main character holds the mother’s hand, while both of them are trapped in a car wreak for hours, and the reader doesn’t feel anything- you done fucked up. Big time.

Hope, our precious little angel (please note the sarcasm), gets into a nasty situation with her manipulative ex-boyfriend Damian. So since I did not read the entire book, and the situation wasn’t revealed in the parts I did read, I gleam that he probably had sex with her, and taped the whole thing and then blackmailed her.

Could be wrong, but I highly doubt it. And I also highly don’t care.

Moving on.

Her mother somehow overhears the situation, and comes to Hope’s rescue, leading to her death.

Things are still fine.

It was from here, basically the 5% I think, that I realised I was in for a long ride, because the writing wasn’t adding up.

Hope has a long road of recovery in front of her and shit like that, and when she finally gets over the guilt of being the reason for her mother’s death, and she goes to her mother’s grave, she meets this totally cute, sweet guy- Ian, (in her words, I just think he’s a creep for following a girl in a cemetery and not letting them mourn, but whatever I guess), and falls in love with him.

Just. Like. That.

I resent insta-love in the best books I’ve read, and in a bad book like this, it just reduces points.

There was no build up. You cannot tell me that you fell in love with Ian and were rooting for them, because I just wanted Hope dead. She’s made to be this completely brilliant, talented girl, whose greatest talent apparently is to forget that she has a dead mother. She went from apologizing to her dead mother to getting hots and having orgasms for a complete stranger in less than 2 seconds!


Ok so far she’s in love with Ian now, and he’s moving to another city for his job.

What does she do?

She pulls a Bella, and completely loses her identity without her “man”. At that point I knew that I hated her, and we were never going to reconcile again.

You would think that it cannot get worse, but oh no! Don’t worry, it actually does.

Because she then further pulls a Kiera (from S.C Stephen’s Thoughtless) and falls for yet another guy.

But we can’t do without another plot twist can we?

Turns out the guy (who develops some real strong emotions  for her, real fast, like in less than 2 minutes), has the name Damien with an “e”. But that reminds our precious little princess of her ex, and she faints.

I. Kid. You. Not.

I haven’t seen a more extreme reaction to a name since I read Romeo Juliet years ago. And at the very least, Shakespeare was a talented storyteller. I can’t even say the same thing about Lis.

I stopped reading.

I should also probably tell you that when she faints, her best-friend Ireland, instead of helping her, goes on to blab Hope’s life story to three complete strangers they haven’t known for more than an hour. No fucking wonder Hope’s ex was like that. If my friends ever do that, they are going to lose a lot more than just our friendship- a tongue, a finger. to name a few.

If there was one thing Hope was talented in, it was moving on, and betraying the memory of the people who loved her, and helped her in her time of need. And I just couldn’t punish myself by reading this crap excuse of a book one more page.

The author seemed to have read Twilight, Thoughtless, and Romeo-Juliet, and decided to write a book with all the three plot lines in them.

Newsflash! You can’t take a terrible book, a book with a lot of forced angst, and a book with a lot of forced tears, and mix it up with an even worse writing, and expect a masterpiece. If this book had an editor, then they need to be fired ASAP, because someone isn’t doing their job properly.

That’s all I have to say. I rest my case.


About the author:

Heidi grew up in the Midwest, but currently resides with her husband and four children in the Pacific Northwest. Heidi most enjoys spending time outdoors with her family. Between raising her children and obsessing over her favorite reads, she has let the storyteller within herself come to life. With the love and support from her family, she is following her dream. At the same time teaching her children how important it is to follow theirs. She prides herself in believing that anything is possible. The first step is believing in yourself.

Heidi’s passionate and loving nature in which she lives her life comes through in her writing. Her heart has led her down the genre path of a contemporary and suspense romance writer, but she has plans to extend her vision into other genres as well.


Heidi Lis Fan Group/Pinterest

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